Estate Sale Donations

Donate Your Unwanted Stuff with the Help of a West Bloomfield, MI Estate Donation Service

Estate Sale Donations West Bloomfield MI - Avenue Estate Sales - donateDon’t have enough items for a full estate sale?  Would you prefer to donate your items instead? Why not call us for an estate sale donation?

Avenue Estate Sales will remove everything from your home and donate it to charity.

Not only is this beneficial to your local community, as those in need receive much-needed furniture, clothing and other items, it is also great for the environment because we are keeping useful items out of local landfills.

Last year alone we managed to keep a million pounds of “junk” out of local landfills. Within that potential garbage were couches donated to formerly homeless veterans, toys donated to children, shoes donated to those without and so much more.

Not only are your items going to a great cause, you are also benefiting in the form of a tax-deductible receipt. Avenue will provide you with an itemized schedule of your donated items, an IRS Form 8283 and a donation receipt – all the documents you will need to claim your tax deduction. Let us do all the “dirty work” and clean out that house today!

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One man's trash is another man's treasure! Put your old stuff to good use with a hassle-free estate donation.