How It Works

Overwhelmed? Don’t Be! As a Top West Bloomfield, MI Estate Sale Company, We Handle Everything.

Estate Sale Professionals West Bloomfield MI - Avenue Estate Sales - estateThe professionals at Avenue Estate Sales will walk you through the entire estate sale process.

Keeping our clients and customers well informed and involved throughout the process is key in making sure expectations are met.

Once you’ve decided that an estate sale is the route for you and your family, it’s important that your initial consultation covers all the bases.

Estate Sale Professionals West Bloomfield MI - Avenue Estate Sales - step1Your Free Consultation

The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your estate needs and goals, as well as determine the best approach for you and/or your family’s situation. Once we’ve decided that an estate sale is the appropriate solution, we will move forward with planning the sale.

Estate Sale Professionals West Bloomfield MI - Avenue Estate Sales - step2Property Appraisal and Strategizing

Avenue Estate Sales will determine item values based on current fair market value, in addition to comparable sales and other market research. Your input is also very important, so we will discuss purchase prices, the history of each item, etc., if it assists in determining the best value. Based on these determinations we will designate values and create an itemized inventory report covering all property to be sold. Advertising, sale set-up, sale length, customer parking and customer access will also be covered in this phase.

Estate Sale Professionals West Bloomfield MI - Avenue Estate Sales - step3Staging and Pricing

Avenue Estate Sales's staging experts will design and arrange your personal property (furniture, clothing, etc.) to maximize visibility and profitability. Properly arranging your items is a critical part of the process. Showcasing and creating interest in each piece allows us to get the highest sale price possible. We will transform your location into what will seem like a retail store. Once staged, your property will be priced for sale.

Estate Sale Professionals West Bloomfield MI - Avenue Estate Sales - step4Conducting the Sale

Once properly advertised, staged and priced, Avenue Estate Sales will open the doors to the public. Sales typically operate from 10 am - 4 pm, Friday - Sunday. Sale duration will be discussed during phase one. Both cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Upon entering, all customers will be informed of all sales procedures and policies while shopping, as well as being properly instructed as to what items are available for sale and which areas of your location are private and closed off. All of your property will be monitored and safely secured by our staff during the sale as to prevent theft or any other misconduct. Avenue Estate Sales' staff will be easily recognizable by uniform and name badge - making them identifiable by our customers. In addition, there will be a salesperson designated to every area of your location. Every team member has retail experience and knows that profitability is job number one in maximizing our clients' satisfaction.

What Happens Next? The Post-Sale Process

Once the sale is completed, Avenue Estate Sales will make sure all purchased items have been removed and/or delivered. A post-sale assessment and consultation is next, in order to determine what you would like to do with the remaining unsold property - i.e. designate items you’d like to keep, give away items to family and friends, consign items to Avenue Estate Sales for future sale or donate your property in order to receive the appropriate tax benefit.

Avenue Estate Sales will explain each of these options to ensure you make the appropriate and most well informed decision for your situation. After the aforementioned is completed we will make arrangements to remove leftover property for either donation or trash removal.

Avenue Estate Sales will issue a payment check within 24-hours of completion of sale. A closing package, including a detailed final sales summary (itemized sold inventory report), IRS Form 8283 (if necessary) and a certificate of appraisal (if necessary) will be mailed within 3 days of completion of the sale. An Avenue Estate Sales professional will be more than happy to review all of these documents with you to ensure accuracy.

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