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Estate Sale VS Estate Auction- What Are The Differences?

When it comes time to decide whether to hold an Estate Sale or an Estate Auction- there a few things to consider! Like many things, there are pros and cons. We've listed just a couple pros and cons of both estate sales and auctions:

Estate Sales

Estate sales may be relatively new in many areas of the country and may not feel like a customary choice depending on where it is to be held. Fortunately, the liquidation of assets is a well-supported industry with many tools available to those who choose this route.


With an estate sale, the whole event can take place in one location. No moving charges will be applied. There are many professionals available to help out. Fees tend to be lower than with an auction. More buyers will be able to attend as the event takes two to three days. Items are conveniently marked with prices and bidding need not be a concern. And finally, they tend to be easier to advertise.


Strangers will pile into your deceased loved one's home, and there may be a number of liability issues involved with that kind of event.

Estate Auctions

The more traditional choice, estate auctions have been going on for hundreds of years. In many parts of the country, an auction is the only legal way to liquidate personal assets.


The competitive nature of an auction will result in higher prices. Items sold are removed immediately by the buyer- enabling you to market the house sooner. Surprise items can be sold immediately by an experienced auction house. Many auction houses list these sales online for broad exposure. This traditional method of liquidating assets is supported by many auction houses all over the country- even in remote rural areas.


Possibly the biggest downside of an Estate Auction is that strangers will pour through your loved one’s home pursuing all of their personal property. The sale itself requires constant management and can last for several days. The liquidation company can take care a great deal of that hassle included with their fees.

Both methods have their benefits, contact the team at Avenue Estate Sales today to help you decide which option better suits you. Having the help Avenue Estate Sales can help reduce stress, time and increase revenue with your estate sale or auction.

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